Established in 2022, Florida Patriot Apparel Company is a relatively new company, but not new to patriotism or the love for our country, especially the great state of Florida. We come from a long line of military and law enforcement lineage who truly understands both freedom and sacrifice. We are proudly based in St. Augustine, Florida which is the oldest city in America filled with a long history of tragedy and triumphs. Our city, and our great state, are a true representation of the resiliency of our country and the patriots who live in it.

We want to create a brand that speaks to the lifestyles of Florida patriots because Floridians are some of the most patriotic people around. Period. They don’t do it for the attention, money or just to stay relevant; they do it because they are proud of their Florida roots and their love for this country. This is why we strive to create unique, top quality designs that only patriots from Florida would recognize and wear proudly. In addition, we only use premium quality apparel products and high quality inks for our designs which is soft yet durable.

So if you are country-loving, gun-wielding, God-fearing, Second Amendment defending, big truck-driving, first responder and military supporting, unapologetic Florida patriot who hangs their American flag 365 days out of the year and stands for the national anthem then this is THE apparel company for you. If you are none of those things, don’t worry there is time to change your ways or you can kindly hit the “X” at the top of your screen.

Thanks for checking us out and stay safe patriots.